You Can Count on Me

By Tad Mathews on April 23, 2020

You can count on me ……. to do the right thing!
You can count on me ……. to be there for you in thick or thin!
You can count on me…….. to do my part!
You can count on me ……. to stand with you!

God is always looking for dependable people to carry out His divine purposes.

But what God continues to find are folks like the nobleman mentioned in the Book of II Kings. He was a man who said you can count on me to do the right thing, unless there is a famine! You can count on me unless I don’t have what I need, or all that I need!

We have to persevere to prevail!

Life is not fair!

You are not guaranteed that life will always be a bowl of cherries.

I’ve seen families give up on God and His church because of the reckless cruelty of a drunk driver and the loss of a loved one’s life.

Good people contract dreadful diseases.
Homes burn to the ground.
Tornado’s and hurricanes sweep through communities.
Men and women are killed on battlefields.
Companies downsize and close.
People commit adultery and marriages fail.
Parents love their drugs more than their kids.

What has your lack caused you to do?
Give up?
Turn your back on God?
Give into sin?
Eat people up with your cannibalistic words?

We must believe the Word of the Lord!

But why is it so hard sometimes to believe the Word of the Lord?

We have bound ourselves to the systems of the world. 

We rely on what we can see with our physical eyes rather than seeing with spirit eyes and faith in God’s Word!

We have become like Lazarus!

We were sick and now we have been bound with grave clothes and laid behind a stone of unbelief and regret.

We are found waiting for the Word of the Lord which many believe will never come!

It’s time to remove the stone!

It’s time to be set free from grave clothes and from the culture of death!

It’s time to obey the call of God and “COME FORTH”!


Let’s do something!
Let’s do what’s right!
Let’s have faith in God!

You Can Count On Me!

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